Bad Ork Bike Boyz

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Bad Ork Bike Boyz

Post by Calvin on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:51 pm

This is a little repetitive but I wanted to put these up so that it doesn't get lost and people can see 'em again and again.

Boss Rennar Gade sat on his saddle unusually patient for a Nob. His boyz behind him were rough housing and generally goofing off. For all of them this had been they're first real battle, not some race or biker gang brawl or some kind of tribe war. No, this was it, this was giong to make themselves true Orks. There was fighting up ahead, and Boss Rennar Gade wanted a piece of it. Judging from the sight and sound of smoke and flame he planned his first target out. He looked back at his pathetic excuse for bikerz and told them,

"Git back into yer bikes youz squig 'eads! We are going to where da fightin' iz best. Follow me!" And with that he signalled for Bort, his personal grot mechanic to hand him his Power Klaw. Fitting it on snuggly he activated the Klaw's energizer switch and loooked ahead.

"My my, its gonna be a loooooong day," he growled between his big teeth. Bort hopped on and grabbed hold of the boss pole and brace himself. Bieng a grot, he had very keen senses and knew where to hold on best. After all, he'd done this many times before. The Biker Boss gunned his engines toward a metal hulk that lay just over a hill. His boyz following him.
Had he not won countless races with his power klaw in one hand he would have probably already fallen off. The bike kicked and bucked as he careened over the hill, One steady hand keeping control. He caught a short glimpse of his target before a thick, bright wall of flame appeared only a number of meters ahead of him. Thinking quickly he accelerated, lifted the front end up, and put his power klaw hand in front of his face. Bort got behind his master's large mass, he knew it was going to be hot, but hopefully he was safe. The boyz behind him drove into the wall of flame only to be egnited and some even exploded out of the fire.

Bursting out of the fire with a trail of burning scrap metal like some kind of majestic Orky pheonix, Rennar Gade hoisted his klaw into the air, pointing at his target which was now fully in his sights. The Klaw was on fire, like much of the rest of his bike, and it left a trail of glorious comet-like fire behind it as the bike sped out of the fire. His hand was burning inside the klaw. His bike had been super heated from the intense fire, he felt its engine's power had deminished. Bort was hanging on to Rennar's thick leather vest, as every metal bit on the bike was searing hot. In the short time he had, Rennar Gade noticed his angle of attack was a little off, at this point he would only get one corner of the tank. He needed to swoop left and then right again to line it up perfectly. The Bike Boss also saw Drek to his left, how did HE make it out, he thought. He needed room so he slammed into the side of Drek's bike which was just as much as "on fire" as Rennar's. This caused Drek to swerve way out of control and became a burning fire like the rest of his biker mates.

Now with that out of the way Rennar Gade slowed the bike down just a bit so he could time it right. He lifted his klaw up high and took a swipe of burning fury again the side of the tank. He happened to hit it's fuel reserves on the top of the tank. The heat from the klaw ignited the fuel.

Driving on he noticed his next target, a group of humans with a flag. An explosion erupted some where behind him. Rennar didn't bother to look back, he just grimaced. He knew what he'd done. Pulling the trigger on his bike he loosed of several shots into the humans, killing the one with the flag. He then smashed into a human soldier with the front end of his bike but before he could do anything a big fist clothes lined him right in the nose. This dazed Rennar Gade so he fell of his bike. The bike slowed down and fell over with Bort hopping of to try to make some quick repairs to the front end. The Boss got up and punched one of the soldiers in the face, and shoved his klaw into another one, it got bloody for the first time in many months. The one with the powered fist was about to take another swing but Rennar Gade was quicker, he grabbed the man by the neck and gave his head one good bludgeon, crushing his skull. Wiping blood and snot from his face, he hopped on his bike, Bort ready as ever.

The Boss sat there for for a moment or two. He heard the sound of battle to his right, but he heard the boom of a big gun to his left. He was going left. Shoving the throttle down to "maximum wazza" Rennar sight his next target. The bike kicked up dirt and exhaust, and flew over a crater. It was an okay jump, but Bort calculated it wasn't his best. Boss Rennar Gade din't really care, nor did he notice the trio of pint sized humans hiding in the crater, he wanted that tank with the big bad cannon. He readied his klaw again but as he got close to it, several thick ruby beams appeared all around him, one of them lanced right through his bike which exploded. Rennar Gade flew of his bike and his vision went black, but only for a fleeting second. Bort, having the ability to sense these things, had jumped off much sooner and tumbled. Had the Boss not decided to slow down to avoid simply slamming into the side of the tank, Bort would not have been able to survive a wipe out that impressive, and neither would the Boss.

Rennar regained conciousness and did his best to assess the situation with such an aching head. One of the Laser beams had actually struck a hole in the side of the tank. Rennar took advantage of this by klawing a bigger opening out of the armour. This took some time, but he was safer than he thought. The Lascannon teams were cleary not continuing to fire at his for fear of hitting the tank any more. The openning was small, but Rennar was still able to squeeze through with a little effort and a lot of frustration. Tearing through cables, wires, and other things he entered the tank's crew compartment. The crew however were ready for him and started to open fire with their side arms. They either missed completely or only hit his armour plating. This was because they were all shaking in their boots, how could a big fat Ork just pop into the tank? How did it even get to the position they were in?

Such things didn't matter because Rennar Gade despatched them one by one, mattering they're guts across the controls and access panels. He looked around at the mess he had made of the tank. bort slambered into the tank to meet him. It was cramped inside the tank, Rennar Gade could hardly fit and he was getting calostrophobic. He tore another hole in the other side and squeezed himself out.

He fell out onto his back but didn't get up just yet. He took a quick breather to reassess what had transpired. But Bort broke the sense of accomplishment by hopping out and using Rennar's stomache to break the fall.
"So what dooz we do now Boss?" he asked. Big Bad Biker Boss Fireklaw Rennar Gade stood up and looked on over the horizon, he seemd to have lost his bearing. Which way was back to base, which way is the enemy coming from? What the boss really needed was another bike. Rennar Gade and Bort walked of into the sunset.

"My my, its gonna be a loooooong night,"


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Re: Bad Ork Bike Boyz

Post by Broc on Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:26 pm

nice story

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