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Zombie 40K

Post by Calvin on Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:28 pm

Many years ago Darien was wondering what to do with his catachan models after he started getting cadians. Can't remember how we ended up with the idea, but he turned them into zombies. Then I was like "woah, what if we played a campaign that pitted your cadians against a horde of nightmarish zombie?" And he was all "YES! AWESOME!" But the problem was that it never developed beyond that. Just a thought. but now, since I got the scenario rules for that kill team mission it sorta was the spark to what will soon become known as Zombie 40K, or Zombie Hammer. Or whatever.

Anyways, we are finally getting back into the idea, and are making a sort of "mod" to Kill-Team 40K. The game will be enjoyed most in successive games rather than just one because of some of the ways you can customize your survivors and some other surprises. I'll start throwing out rule as the get developed.

Here are some zombies that Darien started making recently, as I'm guessing he's too uncool to think of putting them up on the site himself. Once you see the pictures though, you'll notice he's anything but uncool.


Zombie 40K Rules Beta 1.0

In a typical mission one player will have a number of Cadians (usually 10 - 25) and the other player will have zombies that can possibly come out of anywhere. The objective for the Cadian survivors (I'm gonna call them humans from now on) is to just survive for a number of turns. Sounds pretty basic, but the hook is that the human player is going to want to explore the area and hopefully find some other things to help him in later missions. The zombie player's objective is pretty simple (maybe too simple) just try to ware down the human player's troops and perhaps even exterminate them. The interesting thing is that the ZP gets to sorta set up all the power ups and stuff.

-Set up
Around the board there will be several (25 or so) signals that the ZP will be able to place. These signals might be money, clues, zombies or even other human survivors. There may even be the elusive "Tank Parts." Right now there aren't many restrictions on where to place signals but I just say spread them out so each one is 12" apart and any left over can go wherever.

After those are placed the HP can choose a board edge and begins the game by moving his humans on to the board from any where on that edge. The game phases are just like in regular warhammer but at the end of the shooting phase (but before the assault phase) the HP has to make a scanner (or sensor or radar or whatever) sweep and flips over any signals that are in a 24" radius AND also in line of sight. This scanner sweep is made by every single human survivor in the HP's control. If the signal was a zombie then D3 zombies will appear there. If the signal Survivors then 1-3 survivors will appear there. (the odds for survivors are different than D3) If its any other thing then one human has to make base contact with it to collect it.

After the HP's turn the ZP goes. Moving any zombies that have appear. Then he can then assault with them if he can. That's pretty much it. Like I said, simple.


HP moves models just like regular 40K Kill-Team.

The ZP moves zombie at either a zombie pace or a sense walk. Zombies must move as if in dificult terrain unless they either have line of sight to a human, or are within 8" of a human. They sense walk if any of these conditions are met. Sense walking is actually just moving. Zombies can't run.


HP shooting is in night fight and all weapons have what is called zombie rending. Its just like regular rending but it takes exactly 2 wounds as well.

Close combat is a bit different when zombies are involved. Zombies get zombie rending against humans but not vice versa. if for any reason zombies fail a morale check then the zombie falls over and it can't do anything for the next player turn.
When zombies win a close combat they take a Ld test to see if they continue to feed on the dead or just keep going. If they fail they can't do anything for the next player turn.
Whenever a zombie kills a human in close combat the human if laid on its side on the table at this point it is considered a zombie, has the profile and special rules as a zombie and is now controlled by the ZP. but for the next player turn it can't do anything ('cept fight back in close combat if that happens.) The turn after that they can only walk at a zombie pace as they are not quite fully zombified yet.

--more rules later--

I'll put more rules regarding multi-mission play (pretty much a campaign) and other things.


Here's the profile for your typical zombie:

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